Causes of Car Accidents 

Even if vehicles today have been designed to help us avoid car accidents through backup cameras, forward collision systems and adaptive headlights, accidents are still just as rampant even without the aid of technology.  

Here is a list of common causes when it comes to accidents on the road. 

1. Distracted Driving 

This is the top cause of accidents on the road. Despite the popular term ‘multitasking’, the brain is not as capable as you think it does when it comes to driving and ensuring safety. This only proves that accidents can happen anytime whenever you prefer texting when driving, talking and even eating when you are behind the steering wheel.  

2. Drunk Driving 

Driving under the influence is a criminal offense and are proven by science to cause an average of 29 deaths every single day. If you are lucky, you will be caught by the police and will face trial on court however, you can always get help from DUI lawyers like Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers to get you out of trouble. So, whether you ditch death or the police, drunk driving has severe consequences thus never drunk drive.  

3. peeding 

When it comes to ensuring that you will not be late from somewhere important, you tend to speed up when you think your destination is more important than the journey. Driving is a means of opportunity to go places you need to go with convenience and speed however when you tolerate speeding, forget the destination because you are already trading your safety.  

4. Fatigue 

Driving when you are tired is extremely dangerous. Avoid driving when you are sleepy or exhausted. If you feel the exhaustion or too much sleepiness while in the middle of driving always take your time to stop driving and park somewhere safe to rest than risk getting into an accident.  

5. Weather 

Roads can get slippery when there are heavy rains, snow or ice. It might even be hard to drive when it is too windy. Weather conditions are just as harmful as driving while tired. It can be hard to control the wheels when the road is slippery thus what you can do to keep yourself safe is to drive slow and cautiously. If you still aren’t behind the steering wheel and you noticed that there is a heavy rain coming, postpone your travel for a few minutes. 

6. Vehicle Problems 

When it comes to driving, the condition of the car you are driving is just as important. The car you own has many different parts to ensure that you have a safe long drive ahead of you however it may not be common to have some parts of your car to have problems. One way to eliminate the risk of driving a car that has problems and getting into an accident is through regular checkups. If you think you are the only one that needs regular checkups from your doctor, your car does too. Through regular checkup you will be able to ensure that your car is in good shape every time you drive.  


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